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We love to go and do our own diving. If you are looking to build experience or just need a team-mate get in touch. We’d love to have you along. Unless you retain us to teach or guide there are no charges for joining a trip

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Lovely picture above jumping in over one of the stunning Croatia wrecks. Can’t wait.

There are a few things to bear in mind though and so many communications have raised a lot of questions. So here are some points of clarity that the main training agencies and Divers Alert Network have put out. So hopefully this helps.

1. If you have had Covid19, may have had Covid19 or had any symptoms of Covid19 then you need to get medical clearance, ideally from a dive doctor, before diving again.

2. If you have any chance of having had Covid19 you should not dive or apply for medical clearance until 3 months after your symptoms have gone.

3. Any dive centre should ask you to sign the DAN Covid19 declaration, this will require a doctors clearance if you meet any of the criteria in 1 above.

It’s for your own and any instructors or guides safety

Product News

TRIPS 2021

Not on the shop yet, but will be soon so just email us. We are formalising our trip offering for 2021 and these will include

Gozo Technical Diving in Gozo off Malta
Krnica Dive in Croatia
Cave Diving in France
Rubicon Diving in Lanzarote
Team Blue Immersion in Dahab
Kasai Village in The Philippines

These will be for a mix of tech diving at different levels, training and guiding. Drop us a line to dive@swt.ie

Featured Training Venue - Krnica Dive Croatia

We love both Croatia and Krnica dive. The diving is spectacular, wrecks are still very intact and haven’t had all the brass lifted, the conditions and weather is superb, the professionalism of the centre excellent and the people incredibly helpful and friendly. The cost of living offers great value and working with the guys at Krnica dive we can take care of everything from the moment you land. Here is what Maurizio the owner has to say and we are happy to endorse this.

Krnicadive is situated close to city of Pula, in Croatia.

We are primarily focused on wreck diving in the Northern Adriatic Sea.
The dive center is open all year around and offers excellent weather conditions for all year around wreck diving what makes it perfect spot for advance diving training.
We offer support for OC as well as CCR diving. Double sets, stages of different sizes, helium and oxygen always available, sofnolime, dry suits for rent, DPV for rent …

All boats are equipped with satellite navigation, first aid equipment and all safety equipment.

The Adriatic Sea is a relatively shallow sea. Over the years a large number of ships have been sunk in this area.In Northern Adriatic we dive on 20+ different wrecks in the range from 30 to 85 meters depth. Still most of the wreck are in 30 to 60 meters depth range.

We prefer to work with small groups and offer customized service. An average group size is 5 to 8 divers per boat.

Some of the popular programs we do are “5 days 10 wrecks” and exploration week.
“5 days 10 wrecks” is program where we dive 10 wreck dives over 6 days, including also some fewer known wrecks in the area. Depth range for this program is from 30 to 50 meters.

During exploration week we sail out on open sea with small group of experienced divers to search for unknown wrecks. Usually we have to sail for 30 to 50 miles from Krnica. Depth range goes from 60 to 90 meters. It is always a very exciting week to dive.

In Krnica accommodation is offered in self catering apartments. The easiest way to arrive to Krnica is to fly to Pula airport.


Training and Diving Tips

SMB’s have a massive variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The picture on the left shows a good number but notice which one is most prominent, then watch this

Course News

This month we have been doing all the theory, exams and dry land work for the first couple of levels of technical diving, Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures. These courses put in the foundation for technical diving and build a platform on which both further Open and Closed circuit diving is built.

Psych Skills for Diving - Article of the Month

A very important topic after both the long layoff and the possible downsides of Covid19. Check out Matt’s article here  https://www.facebook.com/PSTforDIVING/posts/882757068478971:0

Upcoming Trips and Courses

Here is what is booked for 2020 so far

21 Feb, Go Diving Trade Day in Coventry

7-8 March, Irish Dive Show in Limerick

22-25 March, Divesoft Factory Training & Visit, Prague

18-19 April 2020, Tech Vision 2020 Scubadive West – Try tech, CCR and DPV

1-8 May, JJ-CCR Mod 1 and MOD2 Crossover – Gozo Technical Diving, Gozo

9-13 May, Sidemount Essentials – Gozo

13-18 May, In Gozo, What do you want to do?

20-31 May Athens and Rhodes exploration and wreck ID project (hypoxic CCR)

21-26 June: 10 awesome Wrecks in 5 Days

7-14 July: Discover Portugal’s Caves, Lisbon based

7-21 September: Cave Training in France, OC and CCR – 2 places available

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