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We love to go and do our own diving. If you are looking to build experience or just need a team-mate get in touch. We’d love to have you along. Unless you retain us to teach or guide there are no charges for joining a trip

Diving in France

Our French diving trips are focussed around the Lot region, although we do explore further afield.


The Lot area is the best cave diving destination in Europe (and the 3rd in the world), the karst geology is a rich area for underground formations and has favoured the creation of some amazing caves, many of which are flooded especially for the diver of course! The famous medieval city of Rocamadour is only 7 km far away from the dive centre and it’s a short distance for the world famous Gouffre de Padirac attraction!


Getting There 60€
Staying There 50€
Diving 40€
Eating Out 70€

past or upcoming trips

This is a once or twice a year trip for us, check out our facebook for posts on diving here.

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how to get there

Flights into France are easy and plentiful with plenty of budget and mainstream airlines. Nearest airports to Gramat should be selected. It’s great though to have a car/truck and your own gear, Ferries from Ireland (Cork-Roscoff) the UK (also the Chunnel) also run regularly.

about the diving

We have a nice choice of dive profiles in this area from shallow to really deep and from massive passages to really narrow restrictions. Ressel is the most popular cave and is often used for teaching, learning and training . It’s the most dived cave in Europe …

The Cave to Be is the only Cave Diving School and  Facility in France open all year long. Locally you should also explore some of the gastronomic specialities like wine, “foie gras” , duck confit … All these will give you some extra strength for your dives 😊

our partners in the country

Olivier Bertieaux https://www.thecavetobe.com/en/about-us  is the new owner of the caver to be since 2011. Year upon year the concept grows and develops. Now you can find a filling station, cave school, basic gear and spare parts for cave divers , accommodations and more.

when we normally go

The shoulder months of May and September are the best time to visit France for us. There is really only a little difference in the water conditions year round so its more to do with the surface conditions. The summer can be very hot and it’s a huge relief to get in the water at this time of year. 

In fact, water temperatures are stable at 13-15 degrees year round in the cave. Access waters like rivers and head pools can be much colder, albeit briefly in winter. Dry suits are essential.


  • Ressell
  • St Georges
  • Cabouy to Pouymaisson
  • Marchepied
  • Font De Truffe
  • Many more


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