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We love to go and do our own diving. If you are looking to build experience or just need a team-mate get in touch. We’d love to have you along. Unless you retain us to teach or guide there are no charges for joining a trip

Diving in Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll or “coconut place” is one of the remotest diving destinations on the planet. Bikini is located just north of the equator in the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Australia and Hawaii. Bikini is part of the Marshall Islands, which consists of 5 islands and 29 atolls, of which just two are habitable.


95 vessels were caught in the crossfire of the Able and Baker bombs dropped on Bikini Atoll. Now, from the misery and destruction wrought by the nuclear tests, Bikini’s nuclear ghost fleet has risen as the world’s preeminent wreck diving destination.

The Dirty Dozen team has carefully handpicked the most interesting wrecks in Bikini, with depths ranging from 21m/68ft to 57m/187ft. We explore both the popular wrecks in Bikini Atoll and those that are dived infrequently. Our itineraries are flexible and designed for the divers on board. Join us for a one-of-a-kind diving experience with a team that understands wreck diving and the thirst for exploration.


Getting There 30€
Staying There 40€
Diving 70€
Eating Out 80€

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Flying United Airlines via Guam or Hawaii is not a choice, it’s the only airline that goes from Guam or Honolulu to Kwajalein. Guam is a US territory as is Hawaii so even though you are just transiting, you will need permission to enter the US either by Visa or ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization.) Get in touch for advice

about the diving

Diving conditions in Bikini are excellent. Bikini Atoll offers relatively easy diving and is ideal to visit throughout the year in terms of environmental conditions. The water is a warm and consistent 28-29°C/82-85°F, whether you are at 6m/20ft or 60m/200ft, and there are no major thermoclines. 

While the water is warm enough to dive in shorts and a t-shirt, we recommend a full-length 3 to 5 mm wetsuit or a drysuit with light undergarments. Bring gloves and a hood for protection, especially if you are planning on penetrating the wrecks. There is sharp metal everywhere and you want to avoid tetanus, infections, or burns from oil, or even worse, aviation fuel. At times, there are occasional jellyfish blooms, some of which sting. 

Tidal patterns within the lagoon can be complex but the tidal range is generally small and any currents encountered on the majority of wrecks are minimal and hardly noticeable. As you are diving inside the lagoon, visibility does vary, but it’s usually excellent at around 30m/98ft clear. 

Bikini Atoll is a deep and technical diving location with big challenging wrecks and advanced penetrations. The wrecks are in the Normoxic Trimix range. In contrast to Truk Lagoon, where there are shallower dives, the wrecks in Bikini are usually at the deeper end of the spectrum. It is a minimum prerequisite that you are a CCR Normoxic Trimix diver so that you can fully enjoy these spectacular wrecks.

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