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We only sell what we dive that way you know it’s tried and tested in caves, past 100m and by people who actually dive.

We give you the service we want to receive when we are customers– you get our full attention.

Advice, customisation, our experience and expertise is included.

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We have earned through training, experience and
hours underwater a recognition for excellence
and expertise. We teach, explore and dive for fun
in caves, past 100m in wrecks in Open and
Closed circuit. Buy what we use and recommend
with confidence.

cheaper internet
stores exist

When you buy from a big box store you are buying from a business that is all about high volume and low margins. They don’t really mind which brands and products they sell, if the brand reputation helps, then great.When you buy gear from us, you are buying from a diver, who has actually used that gear, for more than just a test splash, but has dived it for at least a year, often been involved in its development and testing, has taken it to depths and dive times that few divers will go to and in caves and wrecks where reliability and function are key.

can we price match
with these guys,
no –
can we offer better value
– yes!

We can’t compete with these big internet retailers on price. This is because we provide expert advice pre-purchase, full backup and deliver a level of service that they don’t.

In some cases they sell certain lines at prices we can’t even buy at, they sell, sometimes at a loss, to tempt you in, hoping you’ll buy other things when they start emailing you. We will always sell at a fair price and make a fair profit. If we don’t make some profit we won’t be around very long to support you.

If you want a package or are considering a big spend, make a wish list on the site and email it to us. Better still, email it and give us a call. On a package deal we can ‘do a deal’ that keeps us both happy and if suitable we have some great finance options.

Don’t undervalue the service, advice, support and help you get from us.

Unless you ask us, it won’t rock up in a pile of boxes you have to set up. Of course some of you enjoy that side of it. We will, unless asked otherwise, check everything, from interstage pressures to function of wings. If asked, we are happy to configure and set-up to your specifications (unless it looks very dodgy!).

getting your kit

managing any

In addition if you have any issues we will loan you a rental set while they are sorted, if we can’t sort quickly (same day) ourselves, so you keep diving. None of the issues where you pay the postage back to the place in Spain or Holland and then live with a ‘return all to manufacturer’ policy, while you wait, dry, for weeks. We’ve been there and done it.

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