Thomas Bungaard

This is a cool dive center that knows their way around the most difficult issues you can dream up!In short-this is where I will seek help and advice

Ladies and Gentlemen,I was in the need for some advice and some special dive gear and had searched the internet for the right equipment.

To my rescue came Matt Jevon from SWT with just what I was looking for.

Even though I am not living in Ireland, Matt and SWT was super quick to fix shipment and all to at super splendid price.

So – if you are a diver-looking for special equipment AND find it anywhere-contact Matt Jevon and SWT, the right place to get expert advice and help.

-easy to get in contact with: 5 points

-help and advice: 5 points

-quick and easy shipping: 5 points

-cool price range: 5 points

-selection of equipment: 5 points

Over all points: 263 points out of 5

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