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The XTX40 is identical to the XTX50 second stage but does not feature cracking resistance control, this however does not stop it being an excellent regulator. Both the venturi control and the hose can be swapped from the factory standard right hand side to the left side. Increasing the hose routing options to a diver allowing for the most comfortable regulator setup. By using metal components the XTX40 regulator has excellent cold water performance and be used in the coldest waters with little chance of freezing and going into free flow. The front cover is made using a two shot molding process, this means this highly critical component is extremely tough and ready to standup to rigors of diving. The XTX40’s exhaust tees can be changed by the diver to a smaller tee to make the regulator more compact or a wider tee to better disperse a divers exhalation bubbles.



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