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Cave diving۪s silent hero for amazing feats of exploration

Cave diving allows no room for error. A cave diver۪s skills and preparation are detailed and meticulous. Hundreds of hours of purposeful training and practice are needed to prepare properly for cave exploration. Nothing can be left to chance or luck. The equipment used must exceed the divers needs in any conceivable situation. This is why the STEALTH 2.0 classic sidemount system has, for many years, been the first choice of the world۪s best divers for their exploring.

STEALTH 2.0 Classic BCD

Packing 16Kg of lift into a streamlined and tough double-shell wing required true innovation. Selecting materials that would stand up to the rigours of cave diving meant no compromises. Combining these demands into a sidemount system that was streamlined, infinitely adjustable and made our competitor’s systems irrelevant was a challenge XDEEP relished. In the cave environment, especially in tight restrictions, the XDEEP is peerless.

Streamlined to your anatomy

One of sidemount divings۪ many advantages is the streamlined shape you have in the water. Anything that protrudes or dangles is a potential entanglement hazard and a serious safety issue. The STEALTH 2.0 design achieves a streamlined system that stays in tune with your anatomy. Whatever position you are in and regardless of how much gas you have in the wing, the distance of the centre of the wing away from the body is minimal.

Perfectly position the wing

Because the wing has its own independent five-point mounting system, you can place the wing exactly where it needs to be. During the dive as you mount and demount cylinders, drop stages or clip off scooters the wing can be adjusted to maintain trim. For a real squeeze of a restriction, you can even remove it to completely minimise your profile.

Always in control, anywhere and everywhere

Diving in caves and wrecks can put your body in some strange and contorted positions, especially in narrow passageways and restrictions. Safety and performance demand you can reach the dump valve with either hand and dump gas without having to change position. The STEALTH 2.0 dump valve is located centrally to ensure it can be reached anywhere with either hand. In addition, it is placed to offer maximum protection from accidental operation or from being caught or damaged in the environment.

STEALTH 2.0 HARNESS A Superb Foundation

The expression thinking outside the box۪ is often overused, but to revolutionise the sidemount system harness, that۪s exactly what we had to do. Analysing the many systems already on the market was a start. We soon realised that something new and groundbreaking, something that would perform brilliantly in the Yucutan Caves as well as open water, was needed.

The STEALTH 2.0 includes some revolutionary features. Using harness webbing of differing thickness and stiffness meant a better more comfortable fit. Building true anatomical structures into the harness enhanced the diving experience. Movable D rings on the waist strap to allow for changes in tank buoyancy and control of tank position were first seen on the STEALTH 2.0 and have been widely copied since.

Ultimate freedom of movement

Whilst we all have different body shapes, our axis of rotation and our centre of gravity are consistent relative to set anatomical landmarks. The STEALTH 2.0 has two nodes۪ which act as junctions for the shoulder and waist straps and for positioning the central weight pocket. The harness adjustment allows these nodes to be placed on the axis of rotation so that regardless of your position in the water, the harness will stay exactly as you set it up. The central weight pocket can move relative to the lower node for maximum comfort and zero resistance. There is no movement of the shoulder straps, no resistance when turning the body and nothing to impede your freedom of movement.

Quick to fit and adjust

Single piece harnesses can take up to half a day to fit properly and often need refining post dive. Because the STEALTH 2.0 has an independent adjustment of the shoulder and waist straps it is quicker and easier to obtain a custom fit. Adjusting the shoulders does not affect the waist D ring positions, the crotch strap is a simple tri glide adjustment. Instructors and students can save time on their sidemount courses and actually go diving instead of constantly adjusting equipment

Harness webbing fit for purpose

There are three different webbing types of the STEALTH 2.0 applied to best fulfill the function required. On the waist, there is a stiff and rigid webbing that enhances the ease of use and operation of the D rings for cylinder mounting. Shoulder straps are softer to improve comfort, fit and flexibility. The crotch strap is very flexible, even soft, to reduce chaffing and wear on your exposure suit. A simple idea, elegant in the application.

The world’s best weight system

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery which probably explains why the STEALTH 2.0 weight system is so often copied. Your weights can be configured exactly where you want them to ensure perfect balance and trim, regardless of whether you need one block or ten. Incredibly flexible, capacity to cope with 1Kg to over 20Kg and designed to keep weights secure and immovable, it truly is a world class system.

Take only the weight you need

Cold water diving in a drysuit with a thick undersuit requires a large amount of weight that many sidemount systems struggle to accommodate. This limits where you can place the weight and can upset balance and trim. The design of the STEALTH 2.0 can manage the perfect placement of a 1Kg block up to over 20Kg of lead with ease. If you are in arctic water or in board shorts and a T shirt, the weight system is flexible enough to meet your needs exactly

Perfect Trim and Balance

The flexibility designed into the STEALTH 2.0 weight system ensures you control weight placement relative to your centre of gravity. The central weight pocket has a considerable range of movement, so it can be ideally positioned for balance. The same principle that is used in twinset diving when moving a V weight into the optimum position. Perfect trim and balance in any configuration

Smart weight pocket security

In technical and cave diving the consequences of losing weights far outweigh the possible need to drop them. The unique and innovative design of the STEALTH 2.0 weight pocket prevents any accidental loss of weights. Side fastening bands are overlaid by the main band that prevents unwanted opening of the pocket, even if in contact with the ceiling of a wreck or cave. It is quick and easy to see if the pocket is improperly secured and corrections can simply be made, even underwater.

Check out your perfect set-up

Explore the options for your perfect weight distribution. Our on-line configurator shows you the flexibility and precision you can achieve by utilising the various weight pockets to achieve the perfectly balanced system. Click through and see what will work best for you.


  • STEALTH 2.0 CLASSIC BC/Wing 16KG/35lbs double shell 
    • Nylon 440 dTEX inner + Cordura 1100 dTEX outer shell
    • Single central dump valve on back for left & right hand use
    • Back left hand inflator feed position
    • Independent 5-point mounting system
      • Adjust wing during dive to maintain trim
      • Remove wing to minimise profile
    • Unique design & anatomical shape
      • Streamlined system that stays in tune with your anatomy
      • Minimal distance of centre of wing to diver body
  • Complete Stealth 2.0 fully adjustable sidemount harness
    • Rapid Harness Configuration
      • Independent adjustment of shoulder and waist straps
      • Changing  shoulder strap length does not change waist D ring positions
      • Independently adjustable crotch strap
    • Technically advanced Webbing
      • Different thickness & stiffness for comfort and enhanced performance
      • Three different webbing technologies to meet the functional challenges of deep technical diving
        • Stiff and rigid waist webbing to ensure D rings for clipping off your cylinders stay in position
        • Softer material on shoulder straps for great fit and ease of movement
        • Super soft but sturdy crotch strap to prevent wear on drysuit
    • Adjustable D-rings on waist strap to allow for changes in tank buoyancy and control of cylinder position
    • No restriction of movement
      • By setting the STEALTH 2.0 junctions (‘nodes’) for shoulder and waist straps on anatomical landmarks,  regardless of diver’s position in  water, the harness will stay exactly as it is set up. The central weight pocket (see below) can move relative to the lower node for maximum comfort and zero resistance
      • When turning the body, there is no movement of shoulder straps and nothing to get in the way of complete freedom of movement
  • Adjustable Stealth Weight Management System
    • Adjustable spine weight pouch to place weights in ideal position relative to centre of gravity
    • Simple to move for optimum position
    • Smart weight pockets
      • Side fastening bands reinforced by main band, preventing undesired opening of weight pocket and loss of weights
      • Contact resistance against wrecks/caves and easy to inspect pre-dive
      • Moving weights and securing straps can be done quickly, even underwater
    • The STEALTH 2.0 easily deals with the ideal placement of 4 x 1.5Kg weights without fuss. Whatever your dive, you can relax and know your system is able to cope beautifully.
  • Primary light battery mounting kit
  • All bungee & full hardware for above
  • User Manual

Optional (Sold Separately):

  • Trim weight pockets
  • Two piece weight pockets
  • Butt plate

(Please note: Manufacturer recommends not exceeding 4 cylinders on the unit. Should you need more lift you can check out the XDeep Stealth 2.0 Tec Sidemount System made specifically for technical open water and deep cave penetration diving with multiple bottles).



Basic parameters STEALTH 2.0 Classic Setup
Perfect for: Cave diving, including extreme exploration of the very tight caves.
16 kg
35 lbs
BCD type: STEALTH 2.0 Classic

Independent from the harness.

Harness type: STEALTH 2.0 sidemount harness
Harness sizes available: One universal size with huge adjustment range
Harness adjustment: With the adjustment elements located on the lower node of the harness
xDeep Quick Release (Buckle) Kit for Stealth 2.0 Optional
Weight system: Unique STEALTH 2.0 modular weight system
Droppable weight pockets: Optional
Butt-plate for steel cylinders: Optional
Total weight of the sidemount system

(including BC and the harness with central weight pocket):

2.4 kg
5.3 lbs
Buoyancy compensator
16 kg
35 lbs
Type: Sidemount BCD independent from the harness.

Mounted to the diver’s body with its own harness.

Construction: Double shell
Outer shell fabric: Cordura

1100 dTEX
Inner bladder fabric: Nylon

440 dTEX
Dry BC weight

(without harness):

0.8 kg
1.8 lbs
Supply pressure:
Between 6 bar
and 17.23 bar
(250 PSI)
Permissible tank parameters
Cylinder type: Steel or aluminium in sidemount configuration.
Recommended maximum number of cylinders:
Operating temperature
Water temperature:
Between -2°C
and 40°C
Air temperature:
Between -20°C
and 60°C


Stealth 2.0 Wing

The STEALTH 2.0 Wing is fitted independently of the harness and is secured using a 5-point system that makes it possible to mount the Wing exactly where it is needed.

It is designed to remain streamlined regardless of how full of air it is whilst remaining incredibly comfortable. The inner shell of the STEALTH 2.0 is made in such a way that its thickness near the spine is minimal, even when fully inflated.

When you dive side mount in a wreck or cave, you may find yourself in a situation where you can only reach the valve with only one hand. That’s why the Stealth’s dump valve is situated in the centre making it easy to reach with either your right or left hand.

Stealth 2.0 Harness

A modular side mount harness that provides a completely flexible configuration to precisely suit the user’s needs.

The unique Stealth 2.0 weight system enables you to adjust the amount and positioning of weight that you carry to provide a solution whether you’re using a 3mm-wetsuit or a drysuit with thick base layers.

Smooth and precise adjustment of your centre of gravity

The correct distribution of weight on a sidemount system is crucial to gaining ideal trim. The central weight pocket can be moved over a significant range enabling smooth and precise adjustment of the centre of gravity.The unique Stealth 2.0 weight system solves the problem completely: you can even take 6kg of weight and distribute within 4 pockets in such a way so as to reach the ideal trim.

The result: ideal trim in any configuration

Immediate Harness Adjustment

Each strap on the Stealth 2.0 harness can be adjusted separately meaning that shoulder and waist adjustments are independent.

Less time adjusting kit  = more time in water

OPTIONAL: xDeep Quick Release (Buckle) Kit for Stealth 2.0



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