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The new xDEEP NX Harness has already been deployed on the Traveling System xDEEP GHOST and has been very popular in the diving community for two years. The NX Harness system has a new ergonomic cut which has been adapted to the diver’s back shape. The ultra-light weight, 4mm thick backplate is made of a special aluminium and was anodised in the last working step with a special alloy. This makes the backplate extremely stable and robust and protects it against corrosion. Due to the high stability combined with the extremely low weight, it is ideally suited for double 18 liter dipping bottles as well as for the 7 liter bottles.

For added comfort and greater security, the xDEEP NX ZEN – DELUXE is equipped with additional shoulder pads and a buckle with Fastex buckles. This makes it easy to place the diving jacket on the boat, in the water and also on the water surface.

The harness system has also been reworked once again and offers maximum comfort with maximum safety. Diving is an extreme sport and therefore requires the use of the best materials. The xDEEP NX HARNESS offers the best performance possible thanks to the processing of different high-quality harnesses made of extremely robust nylon fibers. D-rings made of stainless steel, an aluminium bottle adapter for dipping bottles from 7 liters to 18 liters are standard equipment.


  • xDEEP NX Deluxe Harness (Comfort Harness)
  • xDEEP NX Backplate of your choice


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