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Better comfort and durability of webbing.

While designing the xDEEP backplates, we took human anatomy into account

We arranged the angles of the slots for the webbing so as to ensure the maximum comfort and at the same time the significant stability of the set.

With the optimal angle of slots, the total surface of the webbing is used, which definitely prolongs its lifetime.

Perfect finish of the surface The xDEEP aluminium backplate was finished under a special, multi-stage process.

The first stage involves glass bead blasting which give the plate a special structure and hardens the surface making the final product more resistant to scratches.

Then the plate is subject to an anodising process during which tight oxide coating is generated to protect the surface against the corrosion.

The last stage involves coating the plate with Teflon, which improves its resistance to abrasion.

More slots and holes

The backplate comprises of slots and holes which enable you to mount any element of the diving gear. Mounting the argon cylinder or a buoy does not pose any problem.

The backplate comprises of additional slots which make it possible to mount two separate aluminium cylinders in “independent doubles” configuration – it is a perfect solution for ambitious dives in more exotic places where the twinset is unavailable.

Bevelled edges – no risk of gear damage

All edges of the xDEEP backplates are bevelled with a special digitally controlled machine which precisely cuts the edges at an angle of 45 degrees.

It is an expensive process but in contrast with the commonly applied trimming method, it better protects the equipment and webbing against abrasion.


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