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Courses Overview

MOD 1+ – Air Diluent Decompression Diver – if you already have some technical diving experience, or have completed MOD 1 you can take the next step, becoming qualified to dive to 45m using air as a diluent and with the knowledge and ability to make decompression stops.

What’s Involved

Initial training (MOD 1 and MOD 1+) involves a minimum of 500 minutes in water time, usually over a minimum of five days. Crossovers are a minimum of two days. To gain certification you have to satisfy the skills performance and theory requirements of the course, successfully complete an exam and own / have unlimited access to a JJ-CCR.

Course Skills

Please get in touch for specifics.

Why Do the Course?

This course will start you on the road to silent, bubble free diving. You will significantly extend your time in the water, with or without decompression and enjoy gas reserves, warm moist air to breathe and have a platform on which to build future dives into wreck, cave and exploration. For photographers and wildlife fans you will experience interactions you cannot enjoy on open circuit as our underwater friends don’t like the bubbles. I’ve literally had fish swim up to my mask!

What’s Included

The course fee covers instructional time, manual, use of facilities including pool. Students are expected to pay any boat costs and accommodation costs required to complete the course but we do have packages available. Only after the successful completion of the course do you pay your certification fee – “you pay for training – you earn the certification”

What You Need

Standard scuba equipment plus a spare mask, timing device, a DSMB, a spool/reel with 30m of line. 7 or 11 litre aluminium cylinder with first and second stage plus SPG for bailout. Equipment including the CCR may be rented for the duration of the course, but certification cannot be granted until ownership of the CCR. If ownership does not occur within 3 months a skills refresher will be required.


PADI AOW or equivalent, PADI Nitrox or equivalent, PADI Deep or equivalent, 30 dives inc 10 to 30m and 10 on EANx.

Student to Instructor Ratio

3:1 (maximum)

Number of Sessions

2 theory sessions; 1 pool session; 3 open water dives


On joining we will send you a kit list, full kit can be rented for the course


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