TDI Intro to Tech

Course Overview

This is a course that allows those people who might be curious about tec diving equipment and procedures to ‘give it a go’ in a safe confined water experience. Options include sidemount and backmount experiences.

What’s Involved

This course has two components: A practical set-up of equipment, talking through the rationale for different configurations and choices technical diver make. A discussion on failures and backups as well as conservative gas planning will be included. Then you get to dive in a full technical rig and try some of the tech skills in confined and open water over 2 days

Course Skills

Buoyancy and trim, propulsion techniques, valve failures, out-of-gas emergencies, SMB deployment, controlled descents and ascents, team protocols, dive planning.

Why Do the Course?

This course will appeal to experienced recreational divers who are now considering a move into the technical diving world. The knowledge and discussion on technical diving equipment and techniques in gas planning and backup equipment will also make your recreational level dives much safer. You will learn good trim and propulsion techniques.

What’s Included

The course fee covers instructional time, use of facilities and equipment. Students are expected to pay any accomodation costs required to complete the course but we do have packages available.

What You Need

Standard scuba equipment plus a spare mask, computer or depth/timing device, a dsmb, a spool/reel with 30m of line. This course is conducted using manifolded twin cylinders or in sidemount configuration. These may be rented for the duration of the course.

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Prerequisites Open Water or equivalent, 15 years old, at least 10 logged dives

Student to Instructor Ratio

6:1 (maximum)

No. Sessions

1 kit set up session, 1 confined water dive, 1 open water dive


On joining we will send you a kit list, full kit rental is included for the course

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I’ve been diving for over 20 years, including instructing and Matt was able to bring my diving skills and knowledge to a completely new level

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