TDI Helitrox Decompression Procedures

Course Overview

Over three days and a minimum of four dives you will learn about the theory, skills and practical methods of carrying out safe staged decompression dives, using up to 35% Helium and no less than 21% Oxygen in your bottom gas in dives up to 45m deep. You will within existing certification limits or combined with advanced nitrox learn about using mixtures of up to 100% Oxygen as a decompression gas.

What’s Involved

There will be at least 4 dives and you will build on diving skills and knowledge to date. You will learn about dive planning, equipment considerations and develop buoyancy, trim and teamwork skills to safely carry out planned decompression diving using helium to reduce narcosis and enhance dive pleasure and safety.

Course Skills

Buoyancy and trim, propulsion techniques, cylinder and stage set-up and rigging, gas management, thinking like a  technical diver, handling emergencies and failures. Decompression techniques

Why Do the Course?

This course will suit experienced recreational divers and budding technical divers. It opens up longer and safer deep dives whilst adding additional knowledge and skills to your diving. It prepares you to take further technical training such as trimix diving or overhead courses such as cave or advanced wreck.

What’s Included

The course fee covers instructional time, manual, use of facilities including pool. Students are expected to pay any gas, boat costs and accomodation costs required to complete the course but we do have packages available. Only after the successful completion of the course do you pay your certification fee – “you pay for training – you earn the certification”

What You Need

Backmount or sidemount technical scuba equipment. We recommend Apeks, Razor and X-Deep systems. These may be rented for the duration of the course.

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Advanced open water and advanced nitrox if not taking as joint course. Minimum of 50 dives, 18 years old

Student to Instructor Ratio

3:1 (maximum)

No. Sessions

3 x theory; practical kit setup session; 4 x open water dives


On joining we will send you a kit list, full kit can be rented for the course

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I’ve been diving for over 20 years, including instructing and Matt was able to bring my diving skills and knowledge to a completely new level

Kirk K, Kerry

Rec Diver