Training that will forever change the way you dive!!

Sidemount Essentials ...Steve Martin's signature training courseThe training I offer is based around the following concept…

  1. Diver develops the essential skills (which every diver needs)
  2. Diver needs a truly balanced equipment configuration (sidemount gives this)
  3. Diver needs a cutting edge training course (backed by years of experience)
  4. Diver is capable of deciding what’s next (now experienced & ready)
  5. Diver is able to learn advanced/technical levels (correctly due to foundation training)
  6. Diver gets the return they expected!! (for the money & time they invested)

This concept is what I am 100% behind. That is why there are no short cuts in learning to sidemount with myself, the training you will get will not leave you thinking of going back into a backmounted (twinset). If it does, then I would look at giving you your money back (seriously)!! You getting the right sidemount training course and instructor will make all the difference..

You would not believe the amount of emails I am starting to get from newly certified sidemount divers who are complaining that sidemount is not working for them and they do not look like or can dive like they see students in my photos and YouTube videos.

My short reply to those emails is… So, sorry to hear that, now let’s have a Live Chat (see icon bottom right of screen) or Skype call this way I can easily explain why this happened to you and ways to remedy it. Usually it is down to the equipment selection, the amount of time spent learning and the instructor’s knowledge/skill level is questionable. If you are looking for sidemount training then please save yourself this problem, contact me before you learn (it will cost you nothing but time).

I will happily give anyone 15-30 minutes of my time and if you still train with someone other than me, at least you will have a better idea of what training you should be getting.

Training conditions and detailed course information..

  1. All students must have completed my online training prior to any in-water course (reasons why shown above on this page)
  2. All divers must use approved training equipment (listed below, equipment will be provided for you)
  3. Training must take place over a minimum of 3 full days (recommend 4 days)
  4. This training course will not be the cheapest out there, this is for good reason

My training equipment;

  • Sidemount Harness and BCD = Razor, Apeks and XDeep Stealth Systems (if you use another system, let me know)
  • Sidemount Regulators = Apeks Sidemount Package or mtxr / rc sidemount regs (if you have your own, let me know)
  • Sidemount Cylinders & Hardware = (Selection of LP Steel and Aluminium)

Firstly, you do not need to go out and buy any sidemount equipment, if fact I recommend against it !!

Unless you have taken a training course and you know sidemount is the way you want to head why invest so much in equipment..? How about instead pay more for your training and then make an informed decision on equipment selection (thus saving you time, money and frustration in the long run). All sidemount equipment will be provided for you during training, if you have your own you can bring this.

Sidemount Essentials is a 4 day training program that does much more than teach you how to sidemount dive, it makes you into a well rounded and capable diver.

During the program you will develop and be tested on the skills every diver should aim to have…
Sidemount Essentials ...Steve Martin's signature training course 2

  • Diving in a team, how to deal with diver emergencies
  • Develop the correct reflex responses to surprise equipment failures
  • Essentials skills like advanced navigation techniques and SMB deployment
  • Develop advanced buoyancy, trim & propulsion (finning) techniques
  • Learn dive planning and discussing the what if’s and pre-dive problem solving
  • Learn how to adapt to varying conditions, like current, surge, being lost
  • Adapting to different dive sites and boat diving techniques
  • Learn advanced navigation and underwater awareness techniques

Some benefits for the recreational diver;

  • Diver will develop the essential skills set.
  • This course is a lot more than just an “intro to technical diving”
  • Easier to learn twin cylinder diving using sidemount than a backmounted twinset
  • Course stays within recreational diving limits, increases safety and allows more in water time for learning
  • Best thing to do is contact me and we can talk through your diving experience and together make suggestions on your best way forward.

Some benefits for the technical diver;

  • Enables access to dive sites that taking a backmounted twinset is either difficult or impossible.
  • Your cylinders are put on and taken off in water so no more straining your back and body.
  • A system that offers a “true” redundant and independent air source (without carrying additional cylinders).
  • Having the cylinders at your side enables better trim and buoyancy control (than with a twinset).
  • Have easy access to your cylinder valves should a problem arise (fixes the can not reach behind the head twinset problem).
  • Same equipment is used during more advanced technical training e.g. “wreck penetration” and cave diving in “restrictions”.
  • Having this speciality enables you to take further training using sidemount equipment during any PADI TecRec technical courses.

What will we do..?

There will be; theory, equipment workshops, surface land drills, training dives and open water dives. All will include detailed feedback and daily video debriefing sessions.

Sidemount Essentials ...Steve Martin's signature training course 3

  • Cylinder Setup Workshop
  • Regulator Configuration Workshop
  • Sidemount System Workshop
  • Accessories Workshop
  • Surface Land Drills
  • Propulsion/Finning Techniques Workshop
  • Review and Practice Valve Shutdown Procedures
  • Review and Practice Gas Sharing Protocols
  • Advanced Buoyancy Training
  • Navigation Workshop (Correct Compass Use)
  • Advanced Dive Planning & Underwater Simulation
  • Team Diving Protocols & SMB Deployment

Suggested schedule;

  • Day 1 – Equipment workshops & skills training dive 1.
  • Day 2 – Complete theory, surface land drills & skills training dives 2 & 3.
  • Day 3 – Open water dives 1 & 2 (& skills assessments)
  • Day 4 – Open water dives 3 & 4 (& skills assessments)

What do I need to start..?

You need to be; PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent rating) and at least 18 years old with 25 logged dives (minimum).

  • Mask & Suitable Fins
  • Suitable Exposure Protection
  • All Sidemount Equipment (will be provided)
  • Compass/SMB & Spool (contact me for my recommendations)

Sidemount Essentials can be combined with technical level upgrade options..Sidemount Essentials ...Steve Martin's signature training course 4

  1. Sidemount Essentials = 3 to 4 days
  2. Sidemount Essentials + Tec 40 = 4 days (minimum)
  3. Sidemount Essentials + Advanced Nitrox = 4 days
  4. Sidemount Essentials + Advanced Nitrox + Deco Procedures = 7 days
  5. Sidemount Essentials + Tec 40, Tec 45 = 6 days
  6.  Sidemount Essentials + Tec 40 Tec 45 Tec 50 = 8 days
  7.  Trimix Training Course(s) for PADI and TDI available – please contact me for details, a lot is based on your current experience and qualifications.

Please note: additional PADI/TDI training materials and certification fee(s) apply (pre-study required).

What can I do once certified and what to try next..?

All future technical level courses can be done whilst wearing sidemount once you have done the initial Sidemount Essentials training.

Here is a test I suggest you try, it should prove how good the sidemount essentials program actually is… I suggest you visit my fan page, then look at all the sidemount essential divers and view anyone of their facebook profiles and you will see if they are still using sidemount or not 😀

I look forward to your questions and the chance to train you in sidemount. If you are an experienced instructor and want to offer this Sidemount Essentials Course to others then read my instructor level training courses below.


Further Information

Enquires regarding sidemount training should be made to Matt Jevon by phone +353-21-471-4992 or contact him by email:

Course Information

Course Prices

150.00 per day


AOW diver or equivalent.

other pre-requisites apply for advanced courses

18 years old

Student to Instructor Ratio

3:1 (maximum)

No. Sessions

min 2 max 12 dives


On joining we will send you a kit list, full kit can be rented for the course

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