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The Apeks XTX200 second stage is a cold water rated, high performance second stage that uses a pneumatically balanced full metal valve for smooth breathing throughout the dive. The hose inlet is covered by a heat exchanger to help dissipate the cold generated by the valve and draw warmth in from the surround water to prevent the valve from freezing in extreme conditions.

The diver has control over the sensitivity of the valve via a rotating control on the side. the valve can be de-sensitised from the factory / technician set default to allow for a personalised breathe. There is also control over the venturi effect within the housing via a via above the valve adjustment. This affects the flow of gas within the housing, providing optimal flow to the mouthpiece or diverting it back towards the diaphragm which helps to prevent freeflows.

The XTX 200 housing is reversible, allowing a certified Apeks technican to switch the hose inlet from left to right.

Suitable for coldwater use (below 10 C / 50 F).

Compatible with EAN40 out of the box.


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