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The xDeep Stainless Steel Single Tank Adapter, a lightweight top quality single tank adapter for xDeep backplates, the adapter is made of electrochemically polished stainless steel with CNC-bevelled edges.

Electrochemical Polishing:

Some parts of scuba dive gear made of stainless steel as backplates or D-rings must be subject to the polishing process to provide them with an adequate look, and additionally to protect them against corrosion in salt water.

From the two polishing processes: mechanical and electrochemical, we have selected the latter as the one providing the best visual quality. In contrast with the mechanical polishing, the electrochemical one does not leave microscopic scratches, and consequently, provides better steel protection in the aggressive marine environment. Your backplate would shine for a long time.

CNC Edge Bevelling:

Diving gear is rather expensive so it should be constructed so as to last for many years. The diving equipment parts include backplates and single tank adapters made of metal which sharp edges could cause wear through the outer shell of BCD or drysuit.

In XDEEP backplates and adapters all edges are additionally processed which involves cutting the edges at 45-degree angle using a special computer-controlled machine. The special robot precisely grinds all the edges with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre.


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