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The xDeep NX Boltsnap Large is a smart addition to the NX range which pushes the boundaries with a modern twist on classic designs.  Small changes all over the boltsnap make it more functional and practical while diving.

The Hook

The hook is now a smooth even curve for easier clipping and the huge 14mm gate opening makes it much easier to find the D-Ring.  The spring gate itself is smooth with a large trigger that feels good, are large enough for gloved hands and is anti-tangle. The far side of the hook is squared for finger support gives you more control of the bolt snap.

The Eye

The large boltsnap is made for your SPG hose or items where you need more to hold onto to control so it has a large open offset eye that you can fit a gloved finger through.  By offsetting the eye the boltsnap is more ergonomic so you have better control over what you’re moving.


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