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Apeks, the company that produces the premiere line of technical dive gear, offers you a top of the line sidemount harness system. The WSX-25 is a feature rich, complete sidemount harness system. The WSX comes complete with bladder, harness with crotch strap, D-rings, bungee and accessory butt pack.

The Apeks SlideLock sliding D-ring allows the diver to easily change the position of the cylinders as their buoyancy changes during the dive. The 2 piece plate system is adjustable to nearly any torso length, making this truly a one size fits all system.

• Bladder:

o 25lbs lift

o Armoguard exterior

o Additional protective layer of Armoguard protects the bladder against abrasions in confined spaces

o Reversible inflator can be mounted on left or right side

o Grommets at lower corners allow for mounting bungee to keep the bladder streamlined to your body

• Harness:

o Solid 2” (5cm) webbing comes pre-assembled

o Removable crotch strap made of 2” (5cm) soft webbing

o 4 – two inch stainless steel D-rings (2 angled on shoulders, 1 angled and 1 flat on the crotch strap)

o 2 – “SlideLock” sliding stainless steel D-rings on waist strap allow for easy adjustment of cylinders throughout the dive

o 2 – Stainless steel drop D-rings along the lower back are for the included butt pack, marker buoys, reels or other accessories

o Heavy-duty waist buckle made of stainless steel

o 2 piece stainless steel plate allows the torso length to be adjusted to fit any diver

• Zippered Butt Pack with stainless steel snap hooks included

• Weight pouch is mounted on the spine strap and holds over 18lbs (9kgs) of weight

• Comes complete with 2 sizes of bungee and 5 stainless steel snap hooks

• 2 grommet strips allow the diver to adjust the weight pouch and bladder based on their specific requirements


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