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The Freedom closed circuit computer is the highest version of the Freedom decompression computers, which apart from the function of the previously mentioned computers also includes the calculation of online decompression for CCR. Freedom can be connected to up to 3 oxygen sensors of your rebreather. For diluent, bailout and open circuit there are up to 9 gas mixtures available, including helium mixtures.

One, two or three O2 sensors can be connected. The average pO2 value can be read on the primary screen and detailed information about each sensor, including sensor voltage, can be accessed via a separate screen. Fixed setpoint and SCR modes for different types of rebreathers are also available. 

The O2 cells connection cable is NOT part of the package.

The Freedom cables are now available through third party provider called Narked at 90.


up to 9 OC mixtures with any content of Oxygen and Helium

up to 8 diluents for CCR in addition to OC mixtures

Bühlmann’s ZHL decompression algorithm 

fully adjustable gradient factors 

deco stops or deco ceiling for continual decompression 

full color TFT display 

five screens during the dive including the graphical dive profile 

reversible display for left/right hand 

brightness adjustment 

durable aluminum body 

300 m (1 000 ft) operational depth 

metric/imperial units 

depth average with the possibility to restart 

easy-to-use two button control 

rechargeable Li-Ion battery 

high-precision depth sensor 

vibrating alarms strong enough for a drysuit 

decompression games 

textile strap or bungee wrist mount 

log processing in the cloud or offline 

software version upgradeable 

free firmware updates 

USB connection and charging 

Freedom displays are protected by protector display overlay. 

You can choose from two variants of the fastening strap (35,5 cm or 42,5 cm). 

Freedom Closed Circuit contents: 

#8272 Freedom Closed Circuit computer

#8075 USB charger

#1481 Attachment bungee

#1482 fastening strap or #1483 fastening strap for dry suit 

#3151 silicon protective sleeve