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EW 80 des is a liquid for disinfecting technical equipment, such as regulators, mouthpieces, diving suits, rebreather devices, jackets, respirators, diving masks and other sensitive materials.

EW 80 des was designed with the lowest possible environmental impact in mind and contains no phenol, no chlorine, no aldehyde and no alcohol. EW 80 des is produced and monitored according to GMP guidelines. The combination of modern active ingredients is extremely effective even in the lowest concentrations.

EW 80 des is prepared as a 1% solution, which makes it particularly economical and inexpensive to use. 100l of effective disinfectant solution can be produced from 1l EW80.

EW 80 des is easy to use and can be used immediately after dissolving in cold water. It can be used either as an immersion bath or with a spray bottle.