TEC 40 Diver

Course Overview The purpose of the Tec 40 Diver programme is to introduce students to technical diving equipment and procedures. The course is designed to comfortably transition students from the recreational diving environment...

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TEC 45 Diver

Course Overview The Tec 45 Diver programme the second part of the full tech deep programme. You’ll extend your depth limit to 45 metres and using a single decompression cylinder with twin back or sidemount tanks, use accelerated...

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Tec 50 Diver

Course Overview The Tec 50 Diver programme is the final part of the full tech deep programme. You’ll demonstrate you know how to plan, execute and safely carry our extended accelerated decompression dives to a maximum of 50...

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Tech Rescue Diver

Course Overview The technical rescue diver is trained to operate in a highly stressed rescue environment. Their water skills are honed to perfection. They have the knowledge and skill to extinguish sparks...

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