MOD 2 – Mixed Gas Diver

Courses Overview

MOD 2 – Mixed Gas Diver – Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in technical diving activities utilizing the JJ-CCR or Divesoft Liberty Sidemount CCR to a maximum of 60 metres / 200 feet, utilizing a mixed gas diluent containing 16 percent or greater oxygen content.

Crossover to JJ-CCR / Divesoft Liberty Sidemount– if you are already qualified on another unit, this course will familiarise you with the safe and effective use, procedures and maintenance of the JJ-CCR / Divesoft Liberty Sidemount and we can cross you over to the mixed gas level

What’s Involved

MOD 2 involves a minimum of 360 minutes in water time and at least 6 dives, usually over a minimum of four days. Crossovers are a minimum of two days. To gain certification you have to satisfy the skills performance and theory requirements of the course, successfully complete an exam and demonstrate an appropriate and mature attitude towards deep CCR diving

Course Skills

Please get in touch for specifics.

Why Do the Course?

This is the intermediate level certification course for divers wishing to utilise a closed circuit rebreather (CCR) for mixed gas diving. The objective of the course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for mixed gas diving on the unit specific CCR, utilizing a mixed gas diluent containing 16 percent or greater oxygen, and to develop intermediate CCR diving skills appropriate to technical diving to a maximum depth of 60 metres / 200 feet

What’s Included

The course fee covers instructional time, manual, use of facilities including pool. Students are expected to pay any fills, boat costs and accommodation costs required to complete the course but we do have packages available. Only after the successful completion of the course do you pay your certification fee – “you pay for training – you earn the certification”

What You Need

Standard scuba equipment and the JJ-CCR or Divesoft Liberty Sidemount CCR plus a spare mask, timing device x 2, a dsmb, a spool/reel with 30m of line. 2 x 7 or 11 litre aluminium cylinder with first and second stage plus spg for bailout. Equipment may be rented for the duration of the course


Further Information

Enquires regarding rebreather training or crossovers to the JJ-CCR should be made to Matt Jevon by phone 086-313-1275 or contact him by email:

Course Information

Course Prices

MOD 2 . 800.00

X-Over €495


Nitrox diver or equivalent.

At least 50 logged dives on the CCR over 50 dives, at least 10 must be deco and 20 must be deeper than 30m, more is better

18 years old

Student to Instructor Ratio

3:1 (maximum)

No. Sessions

360 minutes in water plus unit assembly, breakdown for maintenance and cleaning.


On joining we will send you a kit list, full kit can be rented for the course

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Matt and his crew have unrivaled diving knowledge, a superb setup and top kit in a beautiful location. If you want someone who will teach you honestly and with skill, with no agenda apart from creating a safe and competent diver look no further.

After many hours of conversations I chose SWT for my JJ CCR training. I am soo glad I did. Matt’s approach was honest and open. Highly recommended

Tim B. 

Now JJ-CR Mixed gas diver with us!