If you are flying into Ireland for some technical diving and you want to keep the luggage costs down then we offer kit hire to support you. We have

Item Day Weekend Week
Tech Computer 10 18 60


Technical Items










11 litre aluminium stages / bailouts (normal or sidemount rigged as you prefer) 7 12 35
7 litre ali stages / bailouts for high O2 mixes 7 12 35
Apeks regs for stages bailouts 9 15 40
Apeks regs for sidemount 15 25 75
Apeks XTX200 regs for twinset 15 25 75
Sidemount systems and harnesses – Razor,  Apeks WSX25, XDeep Classic 10 18 55
Backplate and wings (Halcyon, OMS) 10 18 55
Flat bottom Euro’s for sidemount or twinset 12 18 55
Pre mixed J’s and whips (subject to gas handling certs) 20 plus mix 35 plus mix 50 plus mix
3 litre CCR (AP / JJ type) steels 7 12 35
O2 kits 15 25 60


Other scuba diving equipment is also available to hire on request. Twinsets, Rebreathers and much more. Please call for further information.

We also provide air, nitrox and trimix refills,
Service scuba diving equipment from BCD’s to regulators and complete repairs on drysuits and wetsuits.
Please follow the links at the top of the page for pricing and information.