Cave Training


Courses Overview

Cave Training – Cave training is by its nature some of the most advanced dive training and diving you can do. Although we give basics here, it is a decision that should be discussed, ideally in person. We offer the full suite of cave courses from Cavern though to full cave in open or closed circuit all the way to mixed gas expedition level diving.

What’s Involved

Depending on your starting point options are available, but generally the progression is to do Cavern, followed by Intro to Cave, Full Cave and then mixed gas cave and specialty courses such as cave dpv, cave stage etc. We cannot stress enough the importance of getting in touch to chat through.

Course Skills

Please get in touch for specifics.

Why Do the Course?

This course will start you on the road to some amazing diving. You will learn the history of caves and cave diving, safe use of guidelines, reels, spools and navigational devices. safety protocols in line management (lost line / entangled diver / line crossing / line laying / navigation +) and in dive planning, gas and resource management, communication protocols, light protocols and safety, equipment configuration, teamwork and much much more

What’s Included

The course fee covers instructional time, manual, use of facilities including pool. Students are expected to pay any dive costs and accommodation costs required to complete the course but we do have packages available. Only after the successful completion of the course do you pay your certification fee – “you pay for training – you earn the certification”

What You Need

Tech cave rig style scuba equipment plus exposure suit etc. Contact us for a full list.

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Min 150 dives of which 50 should be in twin cylinder or CCR configuration. 

Student to Instructor Ratio

3:1 (maximum)

No. Sessions

6 theory sessions; 1-2 pool session; 6+ overhead environment dives


On joining we will send you a kit list, full kit can be rented for the course

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