South West Technical


This is Our Story

South West Tech was an idea born between two cave and trimix diving buddies who realized that there was little support for their technical diving addiction by way of high pressure oxygen, trimix, guiding etc in Ireland.


As a result we started to put together the essentials. Launched as a support service in 2012, by 2014 Matt had added technical diving instructing to the portfolio and we began to supply dive equipment on the strict proviso that we only sell equipment we actively dive.


Now in 2020 South West Tech is delighted to be both a TDI technical diving centre and an accredited ANDI facility offering Full Cave Training, Rebreather Training and Technical Open Circuit Training  from intro to tech through to full trimix and hypoxic gases. We also offer DPV training and rental and are a sidemount essentials instructor facility. We are an Apeks technical centre, A JJ-CCR, Divesoft Liberty Sidemount CCR, Seacraft DPV dealer, instructor and service centre.

We teach worldwide in Lanzarote, Croatia, Malta/Gozo, France, Mexico, Sardinia, Florida, Greece and more, as well as here in South West Ireland.