As with all good technical instructors we believe

“You pay for the training, but you earn the certification”


As such we do not include certification fees in your training package, you pay these on successful completion. We don’t discount training. We have thought carefully about the value of what we deliver. The price of your training reflects not just the time and resources we invest in you, or your books / on-line studies. It reflects the hundreds of technical and cave dives your instructor has achieved. It reflects the careful choices your instructor has made in his own instructors and instructor trainers.

We now charge by the day rather than a package price for your course. This makes our cost and value transparent to you and we give on our pricing page estimates for the duration of all courses. If you need extra work the cost is clear, if we finish early you could benefit.

We also allow one extra day than is usual for your training. This is because you should enjoy your training, have time to learn from the experience and to ask questions. It should not be some sort of pseudo military boot camp or conveyor belt system. If we finish early, well, then lets go for a dive!

How to choose your technical diving instructor ???